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8:37am 11-09-2018
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10:12am 12-19-2017
dan the meme man
smoke grass, eat ass and sled fast
4:51am 09-19-2017
charles peters
I enjoyed you book 'Boom Towns & Relic Hunters.' I am 70 and I am changing careers (getting out of engineering and taking up taking rustic & landscape pictures). I have had a life lone interest in visiting old pioneer sites and a life long interest in taking pictures. Now I am combining the two. You book gave the names of some places to visit (in this state) and examine what I see.
9:37am 03-01-2017
Wendy C. Coyne

I look forward to seeing the area!!!
8:22pm 11-17-2016
Don R McCall
interested in any northwest history
1:07am 09-09-2016
Gracia Moore
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12:03am 09-07-2016
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1:14am 08-05-2016
Wendy Louise Sells
with so many ghost towns are the ghost still haunting the haunted towns because I sure would like to know very much. from Wendy Sells
2:14pm 04-19-2016
Stephanie Rouchi
I have some old correspondence from Hollywood CA dating from 1926 for a person named Pearl Ferguson. The subject is about writing. Trying to find out if their are family members or historical societies who may be interested. Please contact me at the e-mail above. Thank you,
Stephanie Rouchi
Spokane WA
9:56am 04-08-2016
Wendy Sells
with a lot of Ghost towns there should be a lot of information about a lot of Ghost towns in different ghost Towns in all of the U.S.A because there is a lot of ghost towns should have a list of different towns that have been deserted to were people have been going to all of the towns to search for Haunted Towns and Ghost Cementaries in all of the United States and else weare. from Wendy Sells
6:06am 03-06-2016
What have you done to this website. It is ruined!
5:13pm 01-07-2016
As a history buff, this website has been a God send to me in discovering these ghost towns. I have gone to dozens of ghost towns thanks to this site. Many are still intact, others not so much, but that is ok. The only thing I have to say that is not so good, is that I have found squatters in some of these towns. A sign of the times. Also, I have seen activity in some of these places that led me to believe that illegal things were going on. If you see activity in an abandoned building, please play it safe and back away. That being said, thank you for this website. All things considered, I am still having fun exploring!
3:22am 12-06-2015
Wendy Sells
with of the ghost towns I(WENDY SELLS)would like to know were I can find more of the Ghost Towns because I sure would like to know very much. from Wendy Sells
5:58pm 11-29-2015
Wendy Sells
with all of the Ghost Towns I sure would like some information about were are all of the other Ghost Towns located at. from Wendy Sells
3:14am 11-27-2015
Wendy Sells
Ghost Town I(WENDY SELLS) wish all of the Ghost Town people a happy Thanks giving from Wendy Sells
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