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2:03am 11-22-2015
Wendy Sells
How is Boomtown been doing now a days because I sure would like to know very much from Wendy Sells
4:21am 11-21-2015
Wendy Sells
Hi how is every-one at the ghost town areas I(WENDY SELLS)was wondering if there is any other ghost Towns that I can find to check out and see if there is any other Ghost Towns around the earth because I sure would like to know very much. from Wendy Sells
7:14am 09-19-2015
Craig McDonald
Great book and will be visiting some of these sites.
8:11am 07-26-2015
Cherie DeLancey
Hey Jerry, Bobby and I would love to stop by for a visit. Are you still signing at the book store?
7:00pm 07-23-2015
john melkonian
Hi Jerry I went to Bodies in California last week a very cool pace. Hope you well. John
2:28pm 05-09-2015
robin meadows
Looking for eagle county Colorado ...Gilman
11:41am 03-21-2015
Hello, I am curious to know if you can help me find some information on a mine that my GG Grandfather and his son in-law had in 1903. Their company was called the "Prize Mining Co." out of Seattle. My GG Grandfather (William Fishburn) as a follower of John Brown-the Abolitionist prior to the start of the Civil War. And his son in-law was Hermon/Herman Dunham who was a Mining Engineer who graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in the 1880/90's.
And information you can provide (if possible) would be beyond appreciated.
Thank you so kindly,
12:42am 02-18-2015
Dr Joseph Michael
12:41am 02-18-2015
Dr Joseph Michael
1:03pm 02-01-2015
I just picked up your book also! I'll definitely be adding these places to my own blog about the Pacific Northwest's Ghost Towns! Keep up the good work!

If you run any tours through these towns, or want to visit some Oregon towns, I'd love to hear from you!
1:52am 08-05-2014
Just wanted to let you know I have a few family photos of Desautel, WA (two of them logging pictures, and one of my family's homestead there.) If you're interested, I can scan and send them to you.
3:46pm 06-12-2014
I am the great great granddaughter of Chief Que Que Tas of the San Poil band and his wife Quil Pecha.. Great granddaughter of George Runnels and Skookum Analyx.

Thanks for this informative site.
6:00pm 11-11-2013
Floyd Hembree
Hi Jerry its Floyd the carpenter from boeing I live in New mexico now in the town of Tularosa on hiway 54/70 about 90 miles north of elpaso texas Ive lived here for 10 years and I love it the weather right now is warm and dry its about 60 at 7pm my phone # 5754155076 loved the new storys by for now Floyd
2:44pm 08-31-2013
Selwyn Carter
Hello Jerry, I'm 75 and still tramping around the mountains and mole-hill! I'm from S. Africa, and also a Canadian transplant. I have really enjoyed your "work" and your words. Lots of dependable information and documentation to back it up. Great job. I hope we get to meet sometime. I'm off to Idaho, Utah and Nevada as soon as it cools down a bit! Be Safe and take care.
6:28am 06-18-2013
Pam Cullins
How do I know what property is already clamed? I live in Illinois and would like to ask if there is any gem claims available. Could you help me?
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